Thursday 8 April 2021

How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2021 | Google AdSense Approval 2021 |

How to Get Google AdSense Approval: If You Are Having Google Adsense Makes Money Site That's Generating A Ton Of Traffic You Are Going To Want To Know How To Get Adsense Approval. Google Is One Of The Most Popular Search Engines On The Internet. This Is Why When You Register Your Web Address With Google They Will Also Include A Reference To The Adsense Account You Belong To. That Way When Visitors Come To Your Site They Will See The Adsense Ads And Since You Have Permission From Google To Display Their Ads On Your Web Page These Will Appear On Your Site. This Is How You Are Going To Be Paid For All The Traffic You Send To The Google Ads.

How To Get Adsense Approval Is A Critical Area That Many People Fail To Do. In This Article, I'm Going To Give You A Step By Step Guide On How To Get Adsense Approval And Actually Get Paid. This Is Not A Quick Fix But A Legitimate Method That Can Produce Results Over A Period Of Time.

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First Step

The First Of The Steps Outlined In This Article Is To Get A Fair Use Quote For Your Blog Or Website. Google Has An Exact Formula For Determining What Is A Fair Use Quote For Your Site And When It Determines Your Site Is Eligible For One Of These You Will Receive An E-mail From Google Stating That Your Website Meets One Of Their Requirements And That You Will Automatically Receive Ads From Them On Your Site. This Is Important And You Need To Make Sure You Follow This Requirement Even If Your Site Receives Traffic Well Above Your Threshold. Google Will Send You More Traffic If Your Site Meets These Requirements.

Write 20+ Quality Articles 

After You Have Passed The Google Adsense Test You Will Receive The Second Set Of Necessary Instructions. The Second Set Of Instructions Is To Write 20 Good Quality Articles That Include At Least 20 Keyword Phrases Related To Your Niche Product. These 20 Articles Should Be On Topics That Are Closely Related To The Keywords You Placed In Your Original Content And You Should Be Using These Same Keywords Throughout Both Your Original Content And Your Adsense Ads.

Submit Your Site For Approval 

The Third Step In The Series Is To Submit Your Site To The Adsense Directories. Google Will Only Consider Your Site If You Have Submitted It To The Correct Category. If You Have Broken Links Or Incorrect Sitemaps This Will Definitely Hurt Your Chances. It Is Also Crucial That You Follow The Link Building Rules Laid Out In Their Website And Make Sure You Do Not Create Duplicate Content Within Your Site As This Will Also Lead To Your Site Being Rejected From The Adsense Directory.

The Fourth And Final Step In This Article Is To Open Up A New Bank Account And Deposit Ten Dollars. Once You Have Done So You Should Then Set Up An Auto Responder That Will Automatically Email You Every Time Someone Visits Your Site. In The Email You Will Want To Include A Link To Your Site. I Recommend Setting It Up With A Text Link So That The Person Reading Your Email Is Automatically Redirected To The Page Where They Can Find Information About The Affiliate Program That You Are Promoting. This Is One Of The Most Crucial Areas On How To Get Paid To Use Adsense, You Must Make Sure The People Who Click On Your Links Are Interested In The Program Before You Get Paid.

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