Thursday 8 April 2021

How to Create Micro Niche Blog That will Give You More Money Than You Think

How to Create Micro Niche Blog: Micro Niche Blogging (Or Monetizing Your Blog For Profit) Is An Internet Marketing Technique That I've Been Using For Years. In Short, A Micro Niche Is Any Topic That You Will Create/make A Post Or Video About On Your Blog. In General, Micro Niche Is Only A Small Portion Of A Large Niche, But In A Micro Niche, Only Need To Cover A Few Topics But Within A Larger Niche. Here's A Way To Use This To Make More Money On Your Blogs And At The Same Time Learn How To Monetize Your Blogs.

It Takes A Lot Of Hard Work And Dedication To Make Money From Your Blogs And One Way Of Making More Money Is By Earning More Per Post Than Your Competitors. It's Hard Work, But Once You Do It You'll Be Earning A Huge Amount From Each Post. Just Imagine Earning A Huge Amount Per Post Then Dividing That Huge Amount Into Thousands Of Posts And Earning From Each Post. That Is Why It's Called Micro-blogging.

Create Some Blogs 

So In Order To Rank Well In Google, I Suggest You Try This First: Sign Up For Two Or Three Blogging Sites. If You Don't Have One Yet, Go To Blogger And Sign Up For Their Free Account. Once You Have One, Create A New Blog And Add Relevant Keywords To Your Niche. For Example, If You Are Writing About Dog Training, Your Post Title Should Be Something Like "How To Get My Dog To Stop Whining", If Your Topic Is Blogging, Then You Want It To Say Something Along These Lines.

Link Building is So Important

The Next Step Is Backlinking, Which Will Definitely Help You Rank Much Better In Google. Try Doing Some Keyword Research, Then Look For Some Backlinks. You Can Get Backlinks From Related Blogs, Websites, Comment Areas Etc... These Are The Best Types Of Backlinks, The Ones That Are Usually Called "Nofollow" Backlinks.

Good Quality Blog

Finally, I'd Like To Bring Your Attention To The Last Step Which Is To Make Sure You Have A Good Quality Blog And A Great Post That Really Contribute To The Topic Discussed Within Your Niche Site. By Doing This, You're Already One Step Ahead Of The Game. You Already Created A Micro-niche Blog And Filled It With Content Around A Very Specific Topic, Which Is Now The Main Goal Of This Article. With This, You Now Have An Idea of How To Rank Higher In Google.

Hopefully, I've Given You An Insight On How To Find And Create Keyword Specific Niche Websites With Little Effort. If You Do All Of The Steps Above You Will Easily Be Able To Rank High In Google. The Final Step Is To Make Sure You're Using Good Keywords And Keyword Phrases And You're Using Them Consistently Within Your Posts And Throughout Your Website. This Is The True Path To Success!

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